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XD Publisher

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for Content Publishers

XpressDox Publisher allows State Bar Associations, content publishers, law firms and even corporates to publish document templates for external subscribers, users and clients. Users access the library by clicking a hyperlink on the publisher’s website which then requests their login and password credentials.

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What is

XpressDox Publisher

XpressDox Publisher is a customized version of XpressDox Server which allows State Bar Associations, content publishers, law firms and even corporates to publish document templates for external subscribers.
Publishers create templates using XpressDox Desktop, and upload those templates to XpressDox Publisher. Templates may be grouped into any number of “Libraries or “Products” and each library can be priced separately.
Subscribers (the publisher’s clients) can create an account, view the store, and make payment via credit card for the libraries or products they require. The subscriber administrator then adds users and accepts the publisher’s terms. Users are then prompted to set their password, and they can begin running templates.
All data and documents are encrypted on the server, and users can choose to save their answers into their Cloud account or to their local drive. To save time, each subscriber firm saves their own firm information once, and this information will be merged into templates automatically when the template is run.
Publishers can manage subscribers and users via the management option, and they can view various reports on users and usage.

So what are the real benefits of Publisher?

XpressDox Publisher makes it easy for content publishers to make templates available to external subscribers and users. Fast, easy to learn and use – and really easy to manage, XD Publisher eliminates the hassle previously associated with publishing of templates.

Create a template market quickly and easily

Creating a template market has traditionally been both expensive and time-consuming. XD Publisher speeds up the time to launch and reduces associated costs.

Includes billing and e-commerce module

Subscribers can sign up and make payment for their subscription via credit card. Renewal reminders are displayed when the subscription is about to expire.

Great looking template interviews

Since XD Publisher uses the tried-and-tested XpressDox document automation system as its engine, template developers have access to over 300 powerful commands to make beautiful interviews!

Easily manage subscribers and users

Publishers can manage subscribers and users, and subscribers can be suspended for non-payment and re-activated once payment is received.

No training required for your subscribers

We’ve designed XD Publisher so that it is really easy to use. In fact, it is so easy to use that users probably won’t need any training!

Integrate with your website easily

Publishers only need to insert a single hyperlink on their website to launch XD Publisher. The color and logos of the site are themed to match the publisher’s own website theme.
XpressDox Publisher

How it Works

Stages of Publishing templates to XD Publisher.